What is Stars Club?

Stars Club is art & culture hub situated at Edward House, formerly known as Cafe Grand, the Cafe closed decades ago, but now Stars Club founded by Kashif Z. Warsi has opened in its place with this agenda; they want to make Edward House and Karachi great again!
The club celebrates history, culture, art and any sort of talent, it provides a platform for the citizens of the nation (and everyone else) to express themselves. Stars Club has a Film Themed Restaurant, the "Talent Hub" a platform to Spotlight Artists, Musicians, Singers & Stand-up comedians, The Critics Lodge, The Fashion House (Costume Designing, Crafts & Accessories Shop), The Art Gallery and even a Music Studio.

Moses Somake.

While Karachi's "Bani Israel" community has dwindled from hundreds to almost nonexistent, the Jewish architect Moses Somake has left a legacy that will long be remembered.
Born in Lahore in 1875, Somake is responsible for giving Karachi some of its most recognizable heritage. His work includes the Karachi Goan Association Hall, the Flagstaff House which served as Fatima Jinnah's residence at one point and has since been converted into the Quaid-e-Azam House Museum. The beautiful building housing BVS Parsi High School, a school for Zoroastrian children which after the partition opened to non-Zoroastrians as well, was also architected by Somake along with many others ...
Somake’s buildings preserve the past through their uses as well as their designs, recalling the greater religious diversity that existed in Karachi in the early 20th century, when a Jewish architect could be commissioned to design a mosque, a building for a predominantly Christian club, and a school for Zoroastrian students.
Edward House, while not Somake's grandest project still boasts some of Somake's most intricate work of stone masonry. Constructed in 1910, the building later came to house Karachi's famous Cafe Grand. Along with neighboring Cafe Oxford and Zelin's Coffee Shop, Edward House attracted the most prominent figures in Karachi including Founder of Pakistan, The Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and regular visits from her sister Madar-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah.


Sir Doggo


During the British Raj, Cafe Grand located in this building would serve solely the elite class. Karachiites living here before the partition report seeing “Dogs and Indians not allowed” plastered on this building and hence avoided loitering around deeming it unsuitable.
Today, this place is filled with the same people that the British Raj wished to keep out. Since dogs didn’t get their share of the justice, we have commissioned Sir Doggo McWoodface owned by Cash War to stand in this building in solidarity with all dogs of the Indian Subcontinent.
The British are still welcome too.


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